Acer H7531D DLP Home Theater Projector

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Exceptional colour performance for all content in any type of environment, Full HD (1080p) projection with a native 16:9 aspect ratio and a host of feature designed to enhance ease of use and flexibility: the Acer H7531D video projector is ideal for all multimedia usage scenarios. Combining superior quality with utmost reliability, it will bring the cinema to your living room.

Leading technologies designed to redefine image quality, together with Full HD projection, ensure that with the Acer H7531D the entertainment is just amazing, whether you are watching movies or sport events or playing games. Incredibly lifelike images with enhanced contrast and greater brightness: this projector brings your home theatre experience to an entire new level.

Better black levels are a key to the finest projection experience. This high definition projector features DynamicBlack™ technology that analyzes the content frame by frame and dynamically fine-tunes each scene to optimal black levels while maintaining the original brightness of images, resulting in the most vibrant image quality and a stunning contrast ratio of up to 50000:1. The H7531D can also count on an illumination of up to 2000 ANSI lumens to ensure awesome entertainment even in environments with bright ambient light.




  • Acer ColorBoost II+ Technology
  • Native 1080p (1.920 x 1.080)
  • 50.000:1 contrast
  • 2000 ANSI Lumes
  • Brilliant 6 Segment-color Wheel
  • 4,000 hour lamp life (Standard)
  • 1 Year guarantee on the lamp

Click here for best purchasing options for the Acer H7531D DLP Home Theater Projector (1080P)




  • Power cable
  • VGA cable
  • Composite video cable
  • Remote control
  • Batteries for the remote control
  • Lens cover
  • User guide on CD
  • Printed Quick Start Guide
  • PIN security card
  • Carrying case



Acer Color Boost II offers:


Significantly greater brilliance and natural, vivid colors

Uniform and 50% brighter projection

Maintenance-free through digital DLP ® technology without filter change

High quality lamp safety by manufacturers Osram and Philips

Longer lamp life to 5000 hours depending on model

Easy Plug and Play operation with Acer Empowering Technology


Click here for best purchasing options for the Acer H7531D DLP Home Theater Projector (1080P)


Best 1080p Projector for the price right now

I researched projectors for a very long time, reading reviews on,, and other similar sites. I finally decided on this projector after reading all the reviews. This is my first projector so I am probably very easily impressed, but this thing just blows me away. Everybody who has seen me demo it is very impressed with the picture quality. I am using the out-of-the-box settings because I’ve never seen any need to tweak anything because it looks so good. I got this for under $700 for a Cyber monday deal. You just can’t beat that price for the picture this thing provides.

I can’t comment on the DLP rainbow effect. I’ve never seen them, but I don’t really know what they even look like in the first place. All I know is that I’m not going to be looking for them.

My only complaint is that I didn’t think it would be as hard as it has been to install it perfectly. My screen has to be in a pretty specific place, so that means the projector has to be mounted in a specific place. I thought I had measured everything very carefully, but I’m still seeing some keystone effects on the image (maybe 3/4″ at the top of the screen compared to the bottom). I want to avoid using the keystone adjustment on the projector because that supposedly degrades picture quality. I won’t take any stars off for this because no DLP projector in this price range has image placement flexibility or lens shifting, and it’s something that I know I can fix by moving the projector around a bit.

My wife was concerned about getting a projector. She thought that the screen would be too big for the room, and that we would have to turn the room into a cave in order to watch anything on it. I’m happy to report that she is very impressed with it and has told me that it exceeded her expectations. The image is still very good even with the lights on in the room, or the curtains only partially drawn during the day, and she has loved watching movies on it at night. HD football on a 100″ screen is also pretty cool.

If you are considering a projector, look at the Acer H7531 carefully. The budget offerings from Mitsubishi, Benq, and Epson are all more expensive and may offer some incrementally better features for the extra money, but it is hard to beat this Acer for the price. I am very happy. Click here for more reviews and best purchasing options for the Acer H7531D DLP Home Theater Projector (1080P)


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