Optoma DX339 XGA, 2600 Lumen, 3D Multimedia Projector

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Optoma- HD23-HD-Projector-front.jpgThe versatile DX339 XGA Multimedia Projector from Optoma Technology provides 2600 lumens of brightness and a 5000:1 contrast ratio while it can project a brilliant image just about anywhere. No matter what you use it for, you’re going to love the crisp, vivid, saturated images its Texas Instruments DLP DMD imaging chip creates.

It has HDMI, component and VGA inputs and outputs. That’s means it would make a great home theater projector. It can project in the NTSC, PAL and SECAM video standards, and it’s got a power supply that can handle from 100 to 240V.

No matter what kind of projector you’re looking for, the DX339 will do an incredible job for you.

Maximum cost / performance ratio and easy maintenance offers an affordable option

Pre-calibrated image settings create compelling visuals for work or home

High contrast ratio ensures optimal pictures and video quality

Comprehensive connectivity provides ultimate flexibility

Included IR remote mouse with laser pointer for presentations

Computer compatibility: UXGA, WXGA, SXGA+, SXGA, XGA, SVGA, VGA Resized, VESA, PC and Macintosh compatible

User controls: Complete on-screen menu in 27 languages

3D compatibility: 120Hz frame sequential 3D for resolutions up to 720p, 60Hz field sequential 3D for resolutions up to 480i

Click here for best purchasing options for the Optoma DX339 XGA, 2600 Lumen, 3D Multimedia Projector


Optoma- HD23-HD-Projector-rear/jpg

Key Features:

  • 1024 x 768 XGA Native Resolution
  • Easily connects to your PC or Macintosh computer and TV
  • IR remote mouse control with laser for easy control
  • 6,500 hours of lamp life in eco+ mode
  • 2600 ANSI lumens – Project images up to 300 inches diagonal
  • Full assortment of I/O connection ports including: HDMI, VGA, S-video, composite video, audio-in, audio-out, RS-232 and USB-B

Optoma- HD23-HD-Projector-top.jpg


 I recently bought this DX339 projector and I absolutely love it. For the price point, there really aren’t any other projectors that match it’s quality and features. The blu-rays project with vivid color and an intense level of clarity. I have a 42″ LED HDTV, and the projector is on a completely different level. I connected my projector up to my PS3 and surround sound system (audio 3.5m but looking to upgrade to swap with a optical in) and it’s made for a budget friendly home theater set-up. I’ve run Battlefield 3, and the picture is really clear and easy to see. Tested viewing with lights on. Of course, the projection is lighter and slightly feint, but that is to be expected. With lights off at about 70% (lights dimmed), you can see picture well and still see your surroundings. I’ve kept my project on ECO+, and I’ve noticed that the darks (frames with mainly black) are difficult to see and even get a red hue. This is mainly noticed in watching “The Dark Knight”, with alot of dark low light scenes… out of fairness though, this was on a regular DVD, and not Blu-ray, so that might have some to attribute. However, I highly recommend this projector; it will not disappoint you at all. For full details or to buy the Optoma HD23 Full HD Home Cinema 1080p Projector now click here. Most orders are eligible for free shipping.



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