ViewSonic PJD5133 Digital Projector

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The ViewSonic PJD5133 is a high-performance SVGA 800 x 600 DLP projector with 2700 ANSI lumens and 3000:1 contrast ratio. Slim design at only 3.2-inch high makes it ideal to move from room to room on campus or throughout the office. This projector offers a variety of hardware and software features including HDMI, multiple PC and video input options, 1.1x manual optical zoom, vertical keystone correction, 120 Hz/3D-ready, support HD video signal and integrated speaker. Filter-less design and energy-saving eco-mode provide for easy maintenance and longer product life. The PJD5133 lightweight design is ideal for tabletop use or ceiling mounting in both classrooms and corporate offices.

Bright in virtually any setting
Using less watts per lumen than other comparable projectors. And with a 3000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, it’s the bright choice for business, education and mobile presenters.

DLP technology
Advanced DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology allows you to experience crystal clear, razor-sharp and lifelike images with the same DLP technology that Hollywood relies on. For fast action, the response time is also on the order of 1,000 times faster than similar LCD based projectors.

BrilliantColor technology
Color is one of the most important characteristics of a good projection system, and BrilliantColor technology delivers stunning all-digital clarity with lifelike color, sharp graphics and outstanding video. The sophisticated 6-segment color wheel enhances the yellow color performance that is key to accurate and vivid color reproduction. With multi-color processing, colors are richer and more vibrant with exquisite and precise detail.

Click here for best purchasing options for the ViewSonic PJD5133 SVGA DLP Projector

The HDMI advantage
It delivers the best high-definition video and audio quality without losing any degradation. It’s perfect for connecting to any high definition home entertainment devices like Blu-ray DVD players, HD gaming consoles and HD receivers.

3D-ready/120 Hz refresh rate powered DLP Link technology
With support for TI’s DLP Link technology, you’ll have amazing 3D capabilities at your disposal. The projector’s embedded emitter function means all that’s required to unlock 3D capabilities is a pair of DLP Link compatible glasses.

Eco-mode saves money, power and helps the planet
With only a slight 20% decrease in brightness, the eco-mode function can extend the life of your lamp. Other benefits of eco-mode operation include reduced power consumption, as well as less heat and audible noise output. It’s good for the environment and great for your budget. The eco-mode function will definitely help lower your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Slim design
At only 3.2-inch height and lightweight, it’s light and compact, making it ideal for mobility and portability.



I must have looked at the various projectors on Amazon a thousand times. I wanted one that I could use to watch movies, and use to play games with my PS3. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money but all the projectors that said home theater were expensive starting at about $700 and the 1080p were starting higher than that. I kept seeing the rave reviews for this projector and the model below it (the cheaper one has no HDMI connection). However, I still did not like that this model was classified as a data projector for presentations not what I wanted. I kept thinking this was for a home setup not for a classroom or office, so the projector i need has to say it is for a home theater for home use. I reread the Amazon reviews again and I decided to go for it and get the View Sonic the one I really thought I wanted was the Optoma HD66Optoma HD66 2500ANSI Lumens 4000:1 3D-Ready DLP Home Theater Projector – White (this one was a home theater projector because it said so on the box)it was $250 more. I could have afforded it but didn’t want to spend that much as I was not sure how much I would use a projector, or even like the picture they produced.

I didn’t have much time to think about it because I paid the $3.99 for Amazon Prime service and it came the next day. When it arrived I was convinced that it was not going to be the one for me so it sat there unopened for most of the day. When I did finally open the data projector, It was actually nicer looking than I expected a little bigger and heavier. So I cleared a spot on my Dresser and aimed it at the wall over my Bed this was about 14 to 15 feet. I thought about what to watch on it first, Ah “A Bugs Life” seemed appropriate because this purchase was bugging me with buyers remorse. So I plugged it in didn’t read the instructions just winged it. I hooked my PS3 up to the back with an HDMI connection (the one feature I was happy about on this projector). Then I turned it on and saw the picture, it was fuzzy and not clear like I knew it would be ! It’s going back right now and Im getting the Optoma. I picked up the quick start guide and glanced at it. It said turn the Focus ring to adjust. So I did just that and as i did my jaw hit the floor. I just smiled as I sat there in my fully lit bedroom with the sun pouring in and was stunned the picture was as clear as my Top of the Line Sony Bravia. I was amazed, I had to share this with someone, so I called my neighbor he and his wife came over as they walked into my bedroom they said Wow. So as we watched A Bugs Life I decided to switch off the lights and close the curtains. We all gasped and said WOW! That day my bedroom became my new “Movie Palace and Video Game Wonderland”.

This projector is awesome believe what everyone says. The picture is very clear and vivid with the lights fully on but turn the lights off and you will be blown away, WOW!. There are other projectors that are more expensive with more features but the one I have is perfect and does a great job for what I wanted. One thing I learned with this purchase don’t buy into the hype but trust the people. I did that with this projector and listened to what the people were saying in their reviews and they were right about this product.

I absolutely recommend this projector to any one in the market wanting one. Several of my friends have purchased this model from seeing it at my house and love it as much as I do. I am just careful never to mention the word Data Projector around my Viewsonic PJD5133, because he and I fully believe he is a Home Theater Projector and I want him to keep believing that..  Click here for more user reviews and best purchasing options.


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