Mitsubishi HC5500 High Definition 1080p LCD projector

Mitsubishi’s new HC5500 High Definition 1080p LCD projector is the company’s latest entry level design that takes some of the best attributes of the HC4900, HC5000 and HC6000 projectors and targets those looking to get native 1080p (Full HD) resolution at an affordable price. The HC5500 uses a trio of the latest generation of inorganic LCD panels that are rated to last approximately 10 times longer than conventional organic film panels. The result is a high definition picture that will be stables for years. The HC5500 also features the impressive Reon-VX video processor for an outstanding picture in your home theater system. The 14-bit gamma correction has 16 times the gradation levels of the earlier 10-bit designs resulting in improved picture quality, especially in the dark areas of the image. Light output on the HC5500 is an impressive 1200 ANSI lumens with a full ON/OFF contrast ratio of 14,000:1 according to the manufacturer. Click here to read more.


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