Acer K11 Portable Projector

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Acer’s K11 projector is one of the largest on test, but it’s still lightweight and portable at 610g. The K11 packs in a wealth of features, including the option to connect to HDMI sources, such as games consoles, and even the 27in iMac when using the right adaptor.

Offering a native SVGA resolution of 858 x 600 and a meaty 200 ANSI lumens of brightness, we found that the K11 provided one of the best pictures here without any need to adjust lighting conditions. This DLP LED device also produced a giant projection around 50in in size from as little as 2m away, with only moderate focusing required. Focus is controlled by manually rotating the lens, while most other features including keystone, picture and ratio settings, and are controlled by buttons or the included remote control.

The K11 sits neatly on top of a tripod, or can be positioned on a table or shelf providing there’s room for the composite, VGA and HDMI cables, though it doesn’t have adjustable feet to fine-tune positioning. The projector supports SD and SDHC cards, as well as USB 2.0 thumb drives for storing and playing media, so only a power cable needs to be connected to the device, adding to its portability.

It’s hard to fault the K11 when it comes to image quality, with most options and settings catered for, however, it’s letdown by the 1W built-in speaker that distorts sound to a terrible degree. This isn’t necessarily a deal breaker as audio is often handled via an external device, but should you be playing video via a USB drive or memory card you’re stuck with this relatively low quality sound.

Click here for best Purchasing options for the Acer K11 Portable Projector

The portable projector Acer K11 sits right in the middle of the ultra-portable and standard projectors in terms of performance, size and design, and, in that bracket, it does a good job. HDMI is a bonus, as is the 2,000:1 contrast ratio that provides a quality picture.



The Acer K11 portable projector is a highly compact projector that you can easily slip into a laptop bag, a large overcoat pocket, a purse, or other convenient container to bring along with you to nearly any location. The good points? The picture is clear enough at reasonable resolutions and it has remote control capabilities. Also, you can use the Acer projector on several different background colors while retaining close to true color. Despite its fairly weak audio performance, the K11 is a good modern portable projector that both businesspeople and home video enthusiasts will find to be both useful and enjoyable.

Click here for best Purchasing options for the Acer K11 Portable Projector


 Great machine,

Acer k11 is just what I needed, and what I was expecting for. It has a good quality for its price. its not for a big and bright place. I knew its con with sound, very weak speaker. better with hdmi connnection. better with a really dark room. preferible to use with a battery system (ups). from 1 to 5 my calification is 4. although I knew its cons. I recommended, excelente price and quality.Click here for more reviews and best Purchasing options for the Acer K11 Portable Projector




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