ViewSonic PRO8200 1080p DLP Home Theatre Projector

Click here for best purchasing options for the ViewSonic PRO8200 1080p DLP Home Theatre Projector

ViewSonic the Pro8200 projector is said to combine state-of-the-art DLP and BrilliantColor technologies with 2,000 lumens and 4000:1 contrast ratio.

The seven segment colour wheel is claimed to off life-like colour, sharp graphics and good video – even with lighting on the 2,000 lumens and 4000:1 contrast ratio produces illuminating images. Furthermore, Pixelworks high performance PW980 video processor delivers 10-bit colour processing, enhancement technology and motion adaptive de-interlacer for sharp representation.

Multiple connectivity including dual HDMI 1.3 inputs with HDCP compliance and component video and two VGA inputs provides ultimate display source flexibility – users can hook up the Pro8200 to any DVD player, game console and more for a complete and customised home theatre installation. With full 1080p HD resolution viewers are assured the finest quality in high definition movies, video and television. Additionally, the Pro8200 supports several video timing formats from SD (NTSC, PAL and SECAM) to HD 1080p.

The unit has an eco-mode that can be utilised to achieve lower power consumption, reduce overall noise and extend lamp life. In eco mode, lamp life can be extended up to 6,000 hours.

Click here for best purchasing options for the ViewSonic PRO8200 1080p DLP Home Theatre Projector

Other features of the Pro8200 include the picture-in-picture option, which allows users to define a primary and secondary input source in the menu. Also equipped with a USB input for service use and 1.5x manual optical zoom / manual optical focus, the Pro8200 is extremely easy and flexible to set up and position, plus full RS232 control offers seamless integration into automation systems and a closed captioning decoder caters to the hearing impaired.

Click here for best purchasing options for the ViewSonic PRO8200 1080p DLP Home Theatre Projector





First impression…blown away! My new workhorse!


As a VJ (that’s Visual or Video DJ for the uninitiated), I needed an intensely bright projector with a very wide range of connections and adjustments, preferably a monitor-out to a second projector, and a remote, and inexpensive replacement bulbs. Boy, does this projector fit the bill perfectly! While it will never be in one room long enough to benefit from tedious calibration, I see a wide range of options that would make use in any home theater setup ideal. Even from a home theater buff standpoint. The projector performed an amazing auto-keystone adjustment when I set it up at the first venue I used it tonight, and it made me smile to not have to fiddle with that while I had a hundred other things to do before show time. This projector is amazingly bright, and out of the box, the picture was beautiful, the colors were rich and vivid, and the contrast was very high. I’ve used a fair sampling from a wide array of manufacturers at different price ranges and resolutions, and this is hands down, even at a fraction of the cost, the best unit I’ve encountered thus far. I can’t wait till the rest of my mount arrives, as seen on VJKungfu’s portable DIY Projector Mount video. I think this will do nicely as my new seizure beamer, as my performances have been known to cause those. I couldn’t be happier, especially not for the price! $799, even at a local store. What’s not to love? Even thew in a pretty nicely padded carrying case to go with it, power, vga, dvi, and hdmi cables. That’s very thoughtful of viewsonic. Most companies don’t include cables, even in high dollar purchases. Click here for more reviews and best purchasing options for the ViewSonic PRO8200 1080p DLP Home Theatre Projector













































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